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classes we offer

beyond the stage

with Erin
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Step into the world of theatre
and unlock the possibilities it holds for your development.


Through hands-on experiences and thought-provoking discussions, we’ll explore elements of theatre including performance, speaking, writing, designing, producing, and directing and apply them to your off stage professional and personal goals.  

Do you want to learn how to speak to a crowd, excel in an interview, create and give a presentation, or simply build more confidence in your day-to-day career? Why not harness the tools of Theatre and implement them throughout your life. Join us on a journey of discovery and growth as we harness the Magic of Theatre to enhance your skills and propel you toward new heights.

This class is perfect for anyone interested in exploring any of the aspects of theatre for the first time. It’s also ideal for artists who are looking to utilize their theatrical knowledge in other mediums or careers. ALL levels of experience are welcomed and encouraged to join. 

musical theatre for teens

with Jessica
Dancing in Pink
Calling all teens with a passion for performing and Musical Theatre! 


This fall, step into the spotlight with our thrilling Teen Musical Theatre class at The MAR, led by the fabulous Ms. Jessica, a USF Theatre grad and seasoned theme park performer. Dive into a weekly whirlwind of scene work, song, and dance featuring your favorite musicals like Mean Girls, Heathers, Hairspray, and more! 


Each session is a high-energy, hands-on adventure where you'll:

  1. Cold read and block dynamic scenes from iconic shows

  2. Master captivating musical pieces

  3. Learn electrifying dance routines in the style of each musical


Every week brings a fresh theme, ensuring that whether you're a novice or a pre-professional, you'll be constantly challenged and inspired. This is your chance to shine, grow your talents, and make lifelong friends in an environment that celebrates creativity and passion. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to unleash your inner star! Get ready for an unforgettable musical theatre journey that will leave you eagerly awaiting each new week. Let's make magic together—on stage and beyond!


with Erin
Have you ever imagined the thrill of seeing your own play come to life? 

Now’s your chance to make it happen! 


In this engaging 8-week journey, you’ll:

  1. Explore the core elements of scriptwriting, from building dramatic structure to creating unforgettable characters

  2. Craft sharp and captivating dialogue that brings your story to life

  3. Write your very own 10-minute play through interactive workshops and guided writing exercises


By the end of our sessions, you’ll not only have a polished play ready for the spotlight but also a newfound confidence in your unique artistic voice. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a first-time playwright, our supportive environment is here to nurture your creativity and help you tell stories that resonate.

Join us and embark on an exhilarating adventure of playwriting and let’s bring your theatrical dreams to life. Get ready to inspire, entertain, and captivate audiences with your storytelling prowess!


All levels of experience are welcomed and encouraged to join. 

This class is ideal for: Writers of all mediums (prose, screenwriting, poetry, etc.) who are looking for new avenues to channel their stories. Performers who are interested in creating their own material. Theatre novices interested in exploring the power of dramatic writing.

Writer at Work

a Scene + a Song

with Heather, Dave & Erin
Group Meeting
Life throws curveballs, but the show must go on!


Creativity is our constant companion, helping us navigate life's ups and downs with flair and resilience. Through collaborative problem-solving, we build strong communities and forge meaningful, lasting connections. Join us for "A Scene + A Song" to experience the magic of theatre and music. 

In this class, we come together to learn, laugh, and create, while fostering a spirit of kindness, acceptance, vulnerability, confidence and positivity.

Join us for a ridiculously fun 8-Week progressive class program where we will dedicate an hour to unleash our imagination to craft an original scene and song that we will perform together on the last day. It's an engaging, uplifting escape that promises fun, growth, and camaraderie.


Perfect for adults 18+, this class is ideal for those who:

  1. Crave a creative outlet and a break from the daily grind

  2. Have a love acting, storytelling, writing, music, or the performing arts overall

  3. Want to connect with like-minded individuals in a supportive environment

  4. Are eager to explore their artistic side, regardless of experience level


This class is truly for anyone and everyone no matter your experience level. All levels and experience welcome. Come be a part of our creative journey where every session is a new adventure! 

movement for teen actors

with Heather C
Dance Class
Calling all aspiring performers aged 13-19! 

In our exciting new class, Movement for Actors, teens will dive into a transformative class focused on enhancing physical expressiveness and body awareness in performance for both stage and screen.


In this dynamic course, you'll explore:

  1. Harnessing the power of gesture and pantomime to express emotions and tell stories

  2. Techniques inspired by Michael Chekov and Grotowski to shape and refine your physical presence

  3. Developing awareness of how to use your body effectively to enhance your performances


Whether you dream of commanding the stage or captivating audiences on screen, this class is your gateway to unlocking the secrets of character embodiment. Get ready to discover new depths of creativity, build confidence in your physical expression, and connect with like-minded peers in a supportive environment.

Embark on a journey of artistic growth and exploration. Let's create unforgettable moments together on stage and screen! 


*No experience is required. Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. No crop tops or anything that might be too exposing. Please wear sneakers or dance shoes and make sure to bring a journal and something to write with.

musical theatre

with Heather C
Dance Class
Have you been craving a classic Musical Theatre Jazz dance class?  


Well...look no further! Our Musical Theatre Jazz class for adults is your ticket to an exhilarating and dynamic experience that fuses the flair of jazz dance with the dramatic sparkle of musical theatre.


Join us for a high-energy class where you'll:

  1. Learn choreography inspired by Broadway's biggest hits, from Fosse to the Rockettes

  2. Hone your audition skills and learn to pick up choreography quickly

  3. Improve your dance technique while enjoying a great workout and feel-good movement


This class is perfect for dancers and performers who want to dazzle on stage and have a blast doing it. Whether you're a seasoned performer or just love to dance, you'll find yourself swept up in the excitement and creativity of each session.

Come dance your heart out, make new friends, and unleash your inner Broadway star. Sign up today and let's create show-stopping moments together!

All levels and experience are welcome and encouraged to join. Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in, nothing too loose or exposing. Jazz shoes or character shoes are highly recommended, but tennis shoes will work. 

adult improv

with Rebecca
Have you ever watched Who's Line Is It Anyway and thought,
“Man, I wish I could do that?”


Now you can! Adult Improv is a dynamic and engaging class designed to enhance creativity, spontaneity, and communication skills through fun improvisational exercises and games. 

All any improviser needs a set of skills to help them create great scenes. We will play games that you've seen on the show…and some you haven't. Through these improv games you'll learn about finding characters, building and exploring environments, creating relationships, and finding the story of the scene. All of this in a supportive and collaborative environment, making it perfect for both beginners and seasoned performers looking to sharpen their skills.

Improv Group

for adults

with Dave Hamar

Songwriting 101 is where creativity meets melody in the heart of our vibrant community! In this engaging class, we'll unravel the mysteries of songwriting, providing you with the tools to transform your thoughts and emotions into captivating lyrics and harmonies.

By the way, classes like this are crazy rare, particularly for adults. If any part of you is interested, just try it. We will meet you where you are, right now.

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